Now available: VocalSynth vocal effects plug-in

Push your vocals beyond the limits with four re-synthesis engines—Vocoder, Talkbox, Polyvox, and Compuvox—along with expressive vocal effects and simple, high-impact controls.

Inspired by decades of iconic vocal effects, from Peter Frampton to Beastie Boys to Daft Punk, we’re excited to announced the release of VocalSynth. We created this new creative plug-in for music producers and sound designers in search of distinctive vocals.

Gripping vocals can be a challenge of complex routing and lackluster approximations of the sounds you’ve heard and loved. VocalSynth can quickly help you find that unique sound you’ve been looking for—or experiment and uncover a wild vocal treatment you never even knew you wanted!

VocalSynth is the first ever plug-in to bring together four advanced vocal engines – Vocoder, Polyvoice, Compuvox, and Talkbox – alongside specialized vocal effects and pitch correction. This unique combination of tools opens up fresh potential for vocal transformation: the ability to blend the modules unlocks sounds that were previously impossible, and genre-based presets ensure that classic vocal sounds are just a click away.

Key features include four advanced vocal engines, specialized vocal effects, pitch correction, streamlined voice generation, and multi-genre presets.

“When we decided to make a new vocal product, we started with inspiration from the past and present – we even compiled a playlist of vocal productions we admire,” comments Matt Hines, Product Manager for iZotope. “Our dream was to make a product that puts these complex sounds within easy reach of any music producer, while also making it possible to invent the sounds of the future. We can’t wait to hear how people start discovering their voice with VocalSynth.”

Iconic vocal sounds from decades past and the wild vocal sounds in your head are finally within reach!

Special pricing for a limited time

Save $50 and get VocalSynth for only $149 during the promo period from May 18, 2016 through June 16, 2016. After June 16, 2016, VocalSynth will be available at the regular price of $199 USD.

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