Iris Resonant | A Fresh Musical Palette


Driven by iZotope’s award-winning visual selection technology, Iris allows you to find music in everything.

The presets and the samples in both the factory content, and the additional sound libraries draw from a combination of field recorded organic objects and environments, as well as modular synths and altered, hacked instruments.

Whether you are a sound designer or a composer, there’s a whole world of ambient sound, special effects and musical textures available in the extensive Iris family.

This month, we were inspired to create a new sound library geared towards musically useful sounds, rich in heavily resonant source material. The completely new Resonant Sound Library for Iris features a fresh palette of musical sounds that are incredibly playable and accessible.

Featuring bell, kalimba, tine, vibraphone, and other acoustically based instruments, Resonant offers unique, bright and clean sounds that we hope will mix perfectly in your next session! It’s not just traditional instruments: there are wild and unique sounds based on objects like metal cans, tubes and lampshades.

Plus, we’ve updated our Iris Cookbook with new step-by-step recipes and example presets, so you can get even more musical inspiration out of these fantastic libraries.