Expressive rising energy on a dance mix with Mobius Filter

Based on the auditory illusion of the Shepard Tone, Mobius Filter plug-in adds motion and energy to your music for infinitely ascending or descending filter sweeps.

In electronic dance music, filters are often used to build, build, build and then release energy. This common technique is one way of connecting with and influencing the emotional state of a listener, taking them on a journey while they experience your music. Mobius Filter is a unique take on this concept, since it does not limit bandwidth in the way that traditional filters do.

In this example, the resonance in Mobius is being used as a “riser,” with a perceived ever-increasing pitch as the track builds to the drop.

Automation within the audio editing software in being used to control Mobius Filter’s Center Frequency, Resonance, and Speed and provide the rhythmic filter dives and climbs at the drop. With this approach, Mobius Filter goes beyond simply being used as an effect, and becomes as important in its own right as any instrument in the mix.