Removing Noise / Mixing Dialogue for Video

Audio is often one of the last considerations in the video editing process. It can be difficult to produce an effective and great sounding audio mix without locked picture, yet once we achieve picture lock, there’s almost no time left in which to polish the audio to perfection.

Fortunately, a number of tools exist to help audio and video post engineers produce better sounding audio mixes more efficiently than ever before, increasing the quality and quantity of overall content output. Many of these tools are third party plug-ins, which like video effects may be applied in your NLE to any audio clip, region or track.

RX 3, which is iZotope’s Emmy-winning audio repair suite, features one such plug-in, the Dialogue Denoiser. This tool allows you to isolate and reduce troublesome background noise in real time, without creating any latency / picture sync issues. Rob D'Amico, Senior Product Manager for theRX family, demonstrates how to load and use Dialogue Denoiser in Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut X.


Noise Reduction in Avid Media Composer

In the Timeline, click on the sideways triangle (next to the timecode indicator) to expand the "Track Control Panel."
Click any of the five RTAS plug-in inserts on your audio track.                             
In the RTAS Tool click on the Plug-in drop down menu and navigate to iZotope’s Dialogue Denoiser Plug-in.

Noise Reduction in Adobe Premiere Pro

In Premiere, make sure you’re seeing the ‘Audio Track Mixer’ window. To view this window, click ‘Window’ in the menu bar, and select it from the list.
Once it’s loaded, you may need to click this arrow to view the Effect slots.
Click here, then select the Dialogue Denoiser from the drop-down menu to load it onto your audio track.

Noise Reduction in Apple Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut is a little different in that you can’t load a plug-in on an audio track, but rather only the region itself.

In your project, click the ‘Effects’ tab.

Scroll down to the ‘iZotope’ category.

Drag and drop Dialogue Denoiser to your audio region.