Now Available: RX Loudness Control

These days, ensuring loudness compliance is crucial. It can mean the difference between having your mix rejected or successfully meeting broadcast standards.

Efficiently analyze and render a mix for loudness compliance in faster than real-time, while transparently preserving the dynamics of your mix, with RX Loudness Control!

This newest addition to the RX family of post production solutions provides intelligent, automatic loudness compliance to audio or video post production professionals working for broadcast.

Automatic loudness correction!

RX Loudness Control takes what has historically been a very tedious process—manual correction in order to achieve loudness compliance—and automates it with some of the fastest, most transparent processing available today.

An audio tool built for global broadcasts

Built for broadcast from the ground up, RX Loudness Control encompasses the latest, greatest loudness standards from all over the world. You can also create and save your own presets for a unique television spec if needed.

Easily integrates with your workflow

Easily add RX Loudness Control to your workflow with native support for Avid’s Media Composer and Pro Tools and Adobe’s Premiere Pro CC, where RX Loudness Control shows up directly in the export window.

When using RX Loudness Control, you have the option to export your entire loudness history as a CSV spreadsheet. This spreadsheet can accompany your final mix anywhere downstream in order to both document and prove loudness.