Introducing Ozone 7 and Ozone 7 Advanced

Coming soon: The new update to iZotope’s essential mastering tools

Produce rich, full, professional-sounding tracks with the critically-acclaimed mastering tools in Ozone and Ozone Advanced. Ozone has long been packed with industry-standard processing built for the mastering environment — like Equalizer, Dynamics, Exciter, Stereo Imager, Post Equalizer, Maximizer, and Dithering.

Now the latest iZotope innovations in Ozone 7 bring the best of both modern and vintage to the forefront of the music production experience, with updates to several modules and the addition of a whole new class of processing.

Powerful processing for mastering and mixing

Updated for Ozone 7, Ozone’s highly-regarded Maximizer features a brand new frequency-specific IRC IV algorithm to deliver transparent mixes with less pumping and distortion. Use it to smooth out an unwieldy mix or tame the kick drum peaks without affecting the vocals.

The Dynamic EQ, now in both the Advanced and standard versions of Ozone, lives and breathes with your audio, giving you more effective control over your sound without coloring your entire mix. Harness the precision of an equalizer and the musical ballistics of a compressor in one integrated processor.

New sounds and new capabilities

New for Ozone 7, vintage-inspired processing puts nostalgic tone at your fingertips to bring the creative color and character of analog hardware to your digital recordings.

Glue your mix together and bring a natural feel to harsh sounding recordings with the Vintage Limiter. Vintage Tape adds the dimension, warmth, and depth of tape saturation to your masters for a timeless sound that suits your creative vision. Brighten your mix, smooth out heavy low end, and add body with the Pultec-modeled Vintage EQ. Tighten the lows, thicken the midrange, and let the highs sparkle with the versatile Vintage Compressor.

More options for your workflow

With Ozone Advanced, you also get all ten Ozone modules — including the new vintage processors — as separate component plug-ins. By loading the components on your instrument busses, you can add the power of Ozone before you get to mastering.

Preserve your signature sound

The new Export Formats let you add metadata and export directly to a variety of popular compressed and uncompressed formats, like MP3, AIF, WAV, and AAC. Plus, with the new Codec Preview in Ozone Advanced, you can audition the sound of your encoded master. Hear what it might sound like streaming or in online music stores. Then, you can easily make adjustments before you export.

As a standalone application, Ozone 7 also allows you to master multiple tracks in one session outside of your audio editing software. You can also load your other favorite plugins into your mastering chain so you can always be sure to capture your signature sound.

Get started fast with professionally designed starting points for mastering your projects, including presets designed by Mastering Engineer Greg Calbi. Or you can save your own custom presets for later use.

Everything you need for music production

Ozone is available by itself or as part of the new Music Production Bundle. Get everything you need to mix and master your music — with Alloy for clarity and punch, Nectar for vocal treatment, Trash for distortion and experimentation, and Insight to visually diagnose your mix.

Honor your vision and give your music productions the polish they deserve.