Why refresh a user interface?

Perspectives from Brian Desmond, RX Design Team

At iZotope, we put everything into our products. Behind each one is a team of people who are committed to making your workflow quick, relevant, and free of distraction. That mission means constantly evaluating our design style, considering both big picture layouts and details as small as the hue and brightness of a single element.

The goal is to facilitate every single user interaction — from observing which tool is selected, to clicking, dragging, or hovering a cursor throughout the product. How do you prioritize users' time and attraction to your product? And are your design elements still in vogue?

As one of our Product Designers, Brian Desmond spends his time trying to make the experience the best for the customer. The smallest changes can strongly affect your users’ experiences, and Brian reminds us that “all of these little things — they add up to make your workflow faster.”

"For RX 5 Audio Editor," Brian adds, "we’ve updated many of the icons to be bigger, more clearly identifiable, and easier to click on. For example, we’ve completely redesigned the Corrective EQ. Big, clickable icons and a redesigned color palette will look great even to people with color vision deficiencies. Added Retina display support lets Mac users see more detail than ever before in the spectrogram. And there are subtle UX improvements and improved typography legibility throughout."

Other UI improvements in RX 5 over RX 4 include Retina support, new font rendering, and a new toolbar (including Instant Process). As a result of these updates, RX looks a lot sharper on many screens and the main interface is more approachable.

Watch this clip from the Stanford University course Careers in Media Technology, to hear Brian’s perspective on the value of bringing a fresh look to RX.

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