5 Takeaways from Headroom Episode 5: Advanced Audio Repair


Welcome to Episode 5 of Headroom with iZotope’s Director of Education, Jonathan Wyner. Each month, Jonathan and his guests discuss a fresh topic exploring the intersection of music production, music making, and technology.

In this episode, Jonathan is joined by our Principal DSP Engineer and audio repair guru Alexey Lukin to discuss advanced audio repair, enhancement, and noise reduction strategies. Read five key takeaways, and watch the full episode below.

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5 Takeaways from the Episode

1. Visual feedback helps us do incredible things with audio.

Becoming adept at reading a spectrogram gives you incredible editing power, allowing you to improve audio with great precision and perform tasks that would otherwise be almost impossible.

2. There are two mainstay types of repair tools: interpolators and expander/gates.

Once you can classify the sorts of sounds you are trying to address, you can get better results more quickly if you choose a processing tool that matches the type of noise you use.

3. There are key differences and similarities between audio repair modules in RX.

We spend time comparing them to help you reach for the best one for your project, including:

4. Order of processing matters.

In general De-clicking is best done first and De-noising later, since a transient sound can confuse a denoiser. Check out this audio repair flowchart for general advice on order of operations.

5. It’s possible to go too far in restoring old audio.

Watching Alexey work through an old vinyl restoration example is a great lesson in thinking through the order of processing and how to recognize the difference between clipping and other sorts of distortion. We touch briefly on whether leaving some noise in the final result is actually a good thing. In restoration and repair, how far is too far?

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