The New Audio Podcast, Episode 8: DJ Swivel


At iZotope, we love audio in all its shapes and forms. "The New Audio Podcast" is a forum for candid, spirited, and wide-ranging discussions with audio engineers, producers, and musicians. We'll get to the bottom of the things, chat about industry trends, music, and even meet some of iZotope's talented core of audio professionals.

Episode 8

In Episode 8, we had the privilege to speak with mix engineer to the stars (Chainsmokers, Beyoncé, Jay-Z), DJ Swivel. Amongst other topics, we chatted with Swivel about his career, workflow, mix philosophy, and his new licensing business, SKIO Music. Don’t miss this window into Swivel’s world where hit music is being made right now.   

Ok, here we go, it’s The New Audio Podcast!

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