The New Audio Podcast Episode 13: Harry Shearer


At iZotope, we love audio in all its shapes and forms. The New Audio Podcast is a forum for candid, spirited, and wide-ranging discussions with audio engineers, producers, and musicians. We'll get to the bottom of the things, chat about industry trends, music, and even meet some of iZotope's talented core of audio professionals.

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Our guest this month is the inimitable Harry Shearer, an actor, comedian, bassist, and musician whose voice you’ve heard if you’ve ever watched an episode of The Simpsons. Harry also starred as bassist Derek Smalls in what is perhaps the most influential comedic movie of all time, This Is Spinal Tap. Besides inventing the mockumentary format alongside his co-star Christopher Guest, the members of Spinal Tap wrote their own hilarious, satirical songs in a takedown of rock’n’roll pomposity and self-importance of the early 80s.

As the voice of a handful of iconic Simpsons characters (Mr. Burns, Smithers, Flanders, and Principal Skinner), Shearer cemented his place in American pop culture. These days Harry hosts his own podcast, Le Show, lives in his adopted city of New Orleans, and is about to release a new star-studded Derek Smalls album. We talked to Harry about the creative links between comedy and music, dealing with performance anxiety, and Wayne's World II.

Oh, and he loves iZotope plug-ins! Excellent!

In this month’s Can/Am Games segment, co-hosts Sean and Geoff get into it over using four tracks versus having infinite tracks at one’s recording disposal. And on our Song Imploder segment, our two hosts finally agree about something in their discussion of the production of Radiohead’s recently released B-side “I Promise” from OK Computer.