RX 4 Saves Significant Resources


UK dialogue editor Max Hoskins recently praised RX’s time- and money-saving potential for TV and film editors.

Industry-leading editor Max Hoskins praised RX 4's time-saving tools, ease of use, and processing potential for TV and film productions recently on Broadcasting & Cable.

Max has worked on numerous high-profile BBC productions, and is one of the first European editors to adopt RX 4. He estimates that RX can generate savings for TV and film editors in excess of 30% per episode.

"RX can save thousands of pounds in production cost and huge amounts of time," Max says. "Not having to re-record dialogue is a luxury. Instead we have a simple workflow in place; you identify a problem, call up RX on your workstation, and fix it. It really is that simple."

"Clicks and footsteps in the middle of dialogue is a sad fact of the job, but I find that in 90% of the cases I work on, RX will camouflage and take away these dialogue imperfections with complete efficiency," Max says. Commenting on his incredibly demanding schedule, he further adds that "ADR is a very costly and time-consuming process, but RX saves so much of that time and cost."

RX's processing power combined with its intuitive interface make the post process more efficient, enabling the editor to focus on creative aspects of the editing process. "Editors are brilliant at editing but they are not software engineers. As an editor, I really appreciate the simplicity of RX. You don't need to study an instruction manual, you just start using it. It is that intuitive."

Commenting on the evolution of digital production techniques, Max adds, "RX is fantastic in the way that it irons out all of the mic problems, clicks, and pops which we have come to associate with digital production,"

He believes that iZotope's RX 4 platform sets a new standard in audio repair technology for both film and broadcast TV workflows. "I've edited and supervised many major film and TV productions for over 30 years and really have never encountered anything like the revolution that RX has brought along."

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