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The studio life can be an all-encompassing lifestyle, and the amount of stress and sheer number of hours required can often take its toll on relationships! This Valentine's Day, we've reached out to some of the biggest names in the business to share their secrets to a successful relationship.

“I learned early on that any time spent talking sweetly and lovingly to my computer paid great dividends. If you don’t treat her right, she’s gonna make you pay! Because of that attention my computer and I are celebrating our 10th Anniversary together.”

Frank Filipetti (James Taylor, Ray Charles, Madonna)

“Being a freelance engineer will help you avoid the partner who can’t handle you.  You’re a geek sprinkled with a touch of arrogance and a brittle ego.  Not too many potential partners can break that down into a functioning human.  But sometimes you get lucky. Sorry, that’s all I got, maybe ask someone else….”

Tony Maserati (Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Shawn Mendes)

“Never use work as an excuse and don’t be a d***!”

Andrew Scheps (Adele, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jay-Z)

“I work long hours.  But I don't always get a chance to talk or sometimes even see my wife with our crazy schedules.  I can be really busy during the day I try and make time for a quick text every couple of hours.  A simple "I Love you" or "I Miss You" and if you are an iPhone user a little scribble text or something sweet seems helps keep the romance alive.”

Darrell Thorp (Radiohead, Beck, Paul McCartney)

“Always squeeze before saturation? Just lie and say you are a janitor?? Don't be afraid to get into the red a little..... Find a significant other with a steady job and health insurance?”

Josh Berg (Earl Sweatshirt, Mac Miller, Ab-Soul)

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