Headroom, Episode 1: “Visualizing the Vocal Mix”


Our new webcast starts with a journey through the mind of Prince Charles Alexander

We’re pleased to introduce our new webcast, Headroom with Jonathan Wyner. Each month, Jonathan and his guests will discuss a fresh topic exploring the intersection of music production, music making, and technology. Some will be weighted more to music, some more to tech, and some wandering toward the bleeding edge!

In this first episode of Headroom, host Jonathan Wyner is joined by producer, mixer, and musician Prince Charles Alexander to talk about his approach to vocal production, arrangement and mixing.  He has an interesting take on what he describes as “painting” with vocals that brings with it a wealth of creativity and invention.  Prince Charles is a self-described technologist who has worked with acts such as Mary J. Blige, P. Diddy, Alicia Keys, and Luther Vandross.  While he’s well versed in traditional practices to get the best performances live and in the studio, he fully embraces technology to help achieve his creative vision.

Watch the video:


Listen to Prince Charles Alexander’s Spotify playlist.


Send in questions about this program to headroom@izotope.com.  We’ll answer some of them in the mailbag segment of next month’s webcast.

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