Headroom, Episode 2: “How We Hear, How We Listen”


Tune in for insights into the most important parts of our listening chain: our brains, our ears, and our studio environments.

Welcome to this installment of Headroom with Jonathan Wyner. Each month, Jonathan and his guests will discuss a fresh topic exploring the intersection of music production, music making, and technology. Some will be weighted more to music, some more to tech, and some wandering toward the bleeding edge!

In this second episode of Headroom, Jonathan is joined in Part 1 by audiologist Brian Fligor. You’ll learn about how loud is too loud, how long is too long and is it possible to determine safe listening levels in headphones.  

Part 2 features acoustician Fran Manzella. Tune in for tips on listening levels and how to identify and qualify potential spaces for building a listening room, why your room shouldn’t sound like a club, and whether you can rely on headphones for all your work.

Watch the videos:

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Look into opportunities for getting good earplugs for musicians, learn about tinnitus, and read up on building an audio studio — including an authoritative document from Floyd Toole.


Send in questions about this program to headroom@izotope.com.  We’ll answer some of them in the mailbag segment of next month’s webcast.

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