A Game of Post: Engineers Talk Audio Challenges on Game of Thrones


HBO’s Game of Thrones, which premiered its 7th season on Sunday, July 16th, is history-making premium television and epic storytelling on the grandest scale. In dramatizing author George R.R. Martin’s well-loved fantasy series, better known in book form as A Song of Ice and Fire, the creative team behind the show has conjured a perfect storm through its world building of Westeros: believable, complex character arcs, exotic locations, brutal villains, and hair turn plot-twists that have consistently shocked and delighted fans across the world.

Recently iZotope visited the beautiful new sound stages at Formosa in Los Angeles, and got to talk with part of the insanely talented Post Audio crew who help bring the show to life each week. Re-recording Mixer Onnalee Blank, Supervising Sound Editor Timothy Kimmel, and Supervising Dialogue Editor Paul Bercovitch all took time out of their packed production schedule to chat with us about common audio problems encountered on the show and some of the techniques they use for solving them quickly. Oh, and they told us all about the dragons, which are—as we all know—very much real.  

We discovered during our interviews that so much of what Onnalee, Timothy, and Paul face on Game of Thrones is removing on-set clamor like armor noise, whistling teeth during dialogue, and most surprising: traffic noise. It seems even Westeros isn’t immune to that most modern of audio scourges.

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The Formosa Group office in Hollywood, California